2.4GHZ Four Channel Wireless Receiver

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2.4GHZ Four Channel Wireless Receiver



It is a 2.4GHZ wireless receiver with four channels selected. It works with wireless cameras or wireless audio transmitters, Can transfer the wireless video and audio signals to monitor/TV. It is suitable for facilities in home, office, suppermarkets, shop, department store, clothes shop, workshop, warehouse and school.


  • Connect the antenna to the receiver
  • Connect the adapter (DC8V 500mA)
  • Connect the receiver to a monitor/TV with AV cable (yellow for video and red for audio)
  • Power on the monitor/TV and choose Av mode
  • Set the channel of receiver same with the cameras by pressing the channel button till the pictures being displayed on the monitor/TV
  • Adjust the brightness,contrast and color of the monitor/TV for perfect effect.
  • Press the button to get up to four cameras’ signals.

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