USB Cable Car Diagnostic Tool OBDII Scanner

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Main Features:

Support model:

* Santana 2000/3000; 

* Audi 100/200/80/90/A4/A6/A8;

* Era Superman; Polo (Except 02/03 paragraph POLO );

* Bora; Jetta; Beetle; Golf; Passat; SEAT; Small red flag; 

* All other public / Audi models; 5051 does not support CANBUS models, such as the Audi A6L, Speed Teng, Caddy, Touran, Octavia, these models please buy 5053.


Main Functions:    


*Reading fault code; clear fault code; read the data stream; security access; component tests; scans the entire vehicle.

* Can simultaneously observe the three sets of data stream (of 12), wave color display;

* Full support of KW 1281 and KW 2000, to enter a new agreement to run KWP-2000 Control 


Module (2002 + Teves Mk60 ABS,

* Most 2004 + modules) OBD2 Interface for imported and domestic cars of all people in Europe, Audi, Skoda and the other including the red line of cars.


Product Details :


* Cable length: 1.5m

* Car side: OBDII standard plug

* PC side: USB interface

* Circuit insulation sealed: waterproof, anti-static, harsh environments

* Color: Blue

* Item Size: 8.8 * 4.5 * 2cm

* Package Size: 20 * 15 * 2cm

* Item Weight: 90g

* Package Weight: 100g


Package include:


1x CD software driver


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